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Interested in the Conservation of Warwickshire’s Herpetofauna? Then read on….

W.A.R.T. works in partnership with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, the Warwickshire Biological Recording Centre (WBRC) and Amphibian & Reptile Groups UK (ARG UK). Data is collected throughout the county of the numbers of amphibians and reptiles, recording numbers, species, location etc. This information is then submitted to the WBRC after validation where you can request a Data search.

A full programme of events is organised for members on herpetological issues, including workshops, informative talks, and also survey and habitat management work.

The W.A.R.T. Newsletter is now only available electronically. The Newsletter is published quarterly.

What Can You Do To Help? 

If you know of any sites where you have seen any species of amphibians or reptiles then please let us know. Up to date records are always needed to enable us to map the herpetofauna in Warwickshire. The Amphibians and Reptiles site survey forms are available for online submission.

Identification of the different species is critical in mapping a true record of species distribution and population density. If you need help contact us straight away.

If you would like to enrol as a member of the Warwickshire Amphibian & Reptile Team, print off a copy of the membership form and return it to the address indicated.

Also have a look at the Natural England web page Nature in the Garden